About Us

Apex Urban Gear grew from the love of travel, exploration, and adventure.

We enjoy the anticipation that comes with each new journey and part of the fun is preparation -- finding exactly the right clothes and gear for each trip. Our favorite pieces are those we continue to wear and use once we return home because they bring our minds back to the adventures we've had and spark anticipation of those to come. We believe there are others who also enjoy the process as much as the actual getaway and we wanted to create an online boutique offering everything needed for the excursion, whether it is to Bali or the neighborhood pool.

The clothes and gear we offer are meant to inspire you to get out in nature, travel, explore, push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and live every day as if you're on an adventure, because you are.

Thank you for shopping with us and remember to visit our contact page to share your pictures and tales with us. Or, is there something we can do better? Do you have suggestions or product ideas? Let us know and we will do everything to exceed your expectations!