About Us

Apex Urban Gear evolved out of a love for travel, exploration, and adventure. We grew up in the 70s and 80s spending our days skateboarding, bicycling, climbing trees, skinning knees, and swimming until the last rays of the sun forced us back indoors again.  Essential to our outings was a staple that could stand up to daily abuse -- a backpack to haul our sandwiches, apples, occasional frog, or pretty seashell.

Well, we're grown now and our tastes have also grown. The desire to get out there hasn't changed but the preference for better-performing and more sophisticated gear has. We want those statement pieces that can hold up to abuse on trips and then transition perfectly to work, where that beautifully worn leather bag hints at adventures past as well as those to come.

Our love of the perfect backpack evolved into a love of purses, duffles, wallets, totes, and accessories. So we put our drive to find great products to work and now we search the world to bring you unique and premium pieces to complement your lifestyle. 

We are not manufacturers but we support suppliers who strive to uphold our high standards. Many of the bags and accessories we offer are handmade so you can be certain you own something special. It is our sincere desire that our products will bring you great satisfaction and will be your go-to pieces for years to come.

Thank you for shopping with us as doing so supports a small US woman-owned business. Remember to visit our contact page to share your pictures and tales. We are also available via chat if you have questions, suggestions, or product ideas. Is there something we can do better? Let us know and we will do everything to exceed your expectations.