Valentines Day Ideas

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Valentines Day Ideas

Whether you are 18 or 80,  Valentines Day is a great holiday to show you care.  Valentines Day doesn't have to be for the couples only, it's a day to send love to kids, friends and pets. 

If you are looking for gifts, look no further.  Apex Urban Gear is designed for gifting at any holiday.  We asked a couple of people their favorite Valentines Day memories  and the responses reminded us that it's never about the amount spent, it's always about caring to commemorate the feelings. 

 "My boyfriend and I had made plans to go out for dinner, but we waited too late to make reservations. He told me to leave it up to him and that he would find us a place. The morning of Valentine's Day, he showed up to my house with roses, bags full of groceries, and told me that he was making me dinner instead of going out. I was a little hesitant at first about him cooking because he had never done it before, but it turned out pretty well. He made some really yummy enchiladas and best of all, I didn't even need to get dressed up. Afterward, we cuddled and watched a movie. It wasn't the most extravagant date but it was the sweetest." —Michelle, 22

"The most memorable Valentine's Day was when I showed up at my boyfriend's house and he led me downstairs to his basement where he'd prepared an indoor picnic. He knew I was tired from my week and didn't feel like going out, so we stayed in. He doesn't really cook, so he went around buying all my favorite foods from different restaurants like chicken and beef skewers, Indian bread, and chicken Caesar salad. I was so surprised because I'd never actually told him my favorite foods, but he'd figured it out from the times we went out to eat. Then for dessert he made chocolate-covered strawberries. We ended the date by watching the movie we watched on our first date. It brought back memories of when we first starting dating and we were both so nervous that we didn't hold hands until the very end. There were no dimly lit mood candles or expensive presents, but it made a lasting impression on my heart." —Kim, 21