Bumbags Become Staple in Fashion

Bumbags Become Staple in Fashion

Fanny packs are no longer a tourist staple — street style stars have been spotted wearing them everywhere. We wear them everyday and have different packs for different looks.   To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. In London and NYC this summer, everyone is wearing these fanny packs (or bumbags as the Brits call them, which I have now adopted because that's much more fun to say).

For starters, this bumbag carries so much stuff. I mean, it's practically Mary Poppins's magical bag. Let me break down for you just how much I fit into that little pack: my phone, a portable charger, a hair brush, two lipsticks, wet wipes, my powder compact, a wallet, my keys, a little bottle of Tylenol, a hair tie, hand sanitizer, and a packable jacket. I'm not joking. I think there was even room for more.

Our most popular is the Leather Street Bumbag (check out others in our travel section):



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