Care and Cleaning of Waxed Canvas

Care and Cleaning of Waxed Canvas

Though we do generally encourage getting your waxed canvas dirty, we don't advise traditional cleaning methods. If you carry a bag every day it's going to change (for the better). Waxed canvas has been used for many years without any washing or cleaning. But if you feel you must clean your bag there's a right and wrong way to do it. Most important is not to overdo it.

Waxed canvas is intended to be outdoors and is made to last. But it can't be dry cleaned, washed with detergent, or washed in a machine. Those processes will strip the wax from the canvas. Just like you wouldn't wash a pair of boots or a leather sofa, you shouldn't wash your pack or bag.

You can spot clean your bag with mild soap or just cold water if it needs any cleaning. First, lightly brush off dried mud and dirt with a brush. Start with plain water for cleaning. Hose it off, gently use a scrub brush, rinse, and let it dry. Less is more. For stubborn spots or stains a mild bar soap, flake soap, or saddle soap may help clean specific areas. Test a small area first.

After several years, if you find the canvas drying out and wish to retreat it, you may re-wax your bag. Wax conditioners should be used sparingly. Warm up the canvas and the can of wax a little bit. Sunshine works, so does a hairdryer. Rub a little of the wax conditioner in, apply a little more heat so the wax sinks into the canvas then let it cool and dry. Repeat if necessary but don't overdo it, a little is all you need.

Please note that the wax may melt down in extreme summer heat. In high heat, our items will soften but will return to normal at room temperature. Treat these items like infants and pets. Do not leave them in hot cars in the summer.

The canvas will develop a patina over time; use will bring out unique character and special qualities in the fabric that no other material could offer. Use your bag for years, it will look different (better) than when it was made. Our reliable softgoods are crafted from traditional materials that have lasted through ages and all are built to be used.

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